Corporate Treatments

Today’s working environment can be extremely stressful, where employers and employees alike often find themselves working relentlessly throughout an increasingly longer working day.

Caring for the well-being and mental health of staff has become of great importance. Employers are looking for ways to achieve this and one way could be by introducing holistic therapies to the business on a regular basis. It would help employees feel well supported in their workplace and could give employers the peace of mind that they are creating a positive working environment where employees are thriving.

Frequency – This can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Where – Ideally, a separate room away from workstations. This will achieve the greatest benefit for the client.
Cost – This can be met in whole or part by the employer. Alternatively, payment can be made in full by each individual.
Bookings – A contact within the business will be required to liaise with regarding bookings etc.
Pricing – Prices will vary, please contact me for a quotation.


Therapies suitable for the workplace are:

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Based on Swedish massage techniques, this will require the client to be lying face down on the couch having removed their top layer of clothing. A light absorbent massage oil will be used.

Indian Head Massage

This massage can be done with the client seated and fully clothed without the use of any oils or creams. The massage covers the shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face.

Lava Shell Back Massage

Using hot lava shells, the client can be seated and fully clothed. No oils or creams are used.

Hand Reflexology

This hand and arm massage can be done fully clothed (with shirt sleeves rolled up) and seated using a natural beeswax product.

Foot Reflexology

This foot massage is best done lying on a couch. Only socks and shoes need to be removed and the procedure uses a natural beeswax product.


The client can be seated or lying down fully clothed. No oils or creams are used with this treatment.

Benefits of therapies for employees:

Help manage stress in the workplace.
Improve general well-being and feelings of self-worth.
Increased motivation.
Improved working atmosphere.
Reduction in fatigue and improved mental alertness.
Convenient and affordable.


Benefits of therapies for employers:

Reduction in sick days taken each year.
Boost employee morale.
Happier and healthier staff.
Improved performance, increased productivity and profitability.
Possible bonus and / or incentive initiative, as well as a positive recruitment tool.

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