Whilst training to become a Complementary Therapist, I studied the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes and was completely amazed that these fabulous tiny bottles of oil were capable of so many health benefits.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use essential oils in as many aspects of my life as possible and pass these benefits onto my family, friends and clients. 

I began by producing a massage oil to ease my menopausal symptoms.  Inspired by the positive results and relief of my symptoms I expanded my range to include: Relaxer, De-stress, Tranquility, Hormone Balancer, Sensual, Body Soother, Head and Neck Soother and Uplifter. 

I then made synergy blends of pure essential oils for use with Aromastones, burners, baths etc.  The first blend I made was Sleep to ease my insomnia and once again, was greatly encouraged by the results and relieved to be finally getting some quality sleep.  I went on to create four more blends: Relax, Focus, Breathe Easy and De-stress.

Next, I began to make candles, using beeswax at first. However, after attending a course on candle making I was hooked on using Soy Wax and made the switch. Soy wax is all natural and is made from hydrogenated soybean oil which is a renewable source.  It lasts for longer and produces less soot than paraffin candles. The fragrances are made from natural essential sources, are vegan friendly and cruelty free. The wicks are also vegan friendly and manufactured using cotton and paper filaments.

Burning candles is part of my everyday life.  I love to watch a flame flicker, see the melting wax pooling around the wick and inhale beautiful scents.  I love the soft glow of light a candle can throw in the evening and the comforting, relaxing atmosphere that a candle creates.

My signature range of candle scents resonate with my Complementary Therapy business where I seek to relax, comfort, uplift and re energise my clients. I carried this theme forward into the fragrances that I chose for my signature candles and wax melts, namely: Relaxer, Uplifter, Refresher and Comforter.

I also love to mark the changing seasons and special occasions which is how I select my limited editions throughout the year which have so far included Violet, French Lavender, Ocean and Apple and Cinnamon.

From oils to candles to eye pillows.  I designed my own eye pillows to use on my clients during their treatments.  They proved to be so popular I decided to add them to my product range. They contain Lavender and Chamomile buds; the second the eye pillow is placed across your eyes, you inhale their fabulous aromas and feel soothed and relaxed.

I am now working on a design for wheat bags for aching shoulders, another product I regularly use on my clients.  And for the future … I hope to be showcasing home made chakra jewellery.

I love bringing together a carefully chosen selection of my products, creating a seasonal Holistic Pamper Hamper, a truly thoughtful and lovely gift for someone you care about …. or maybe for yourself! 

I will continue to develop my range of aromatherapy products and I’m planning on having workshops in the future so that I can show people some of the many ways essential oils can be used in everyday life for example homemade disinfectants and anti-bacterial sprays as well as candles of course!

My product range is hand made in small batches at my home in Cheshire mostly by myself but sometimes with the help of family and friends.  I source all my raw materials from accredited UK companies. I am striving to be environmentally aware in the way that I buy raw materials, manufacture goods, package goods and distribute them.  In this I am constantly evolving and improving my procedures and methods accordingly.

I hope that you will enjoy my products as much as I do.  Please visit my shop and browse through my selection of homemade aromatherapy products ….. and please note that for an introductory period only, postage and packaging is free!!


hands in lavendar

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