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Welcome to Blissful Moments Holistic Therapies.  My name is Lynda Bliss and I am a qualified and insured Complementary Therapist.

Do you have feelings of stress and anxiety?  Perhaps you are going through a break up of a relationship.  Or maybe you have lost someone close to you.  You may have been made redundant or find yourself in a job that makes you feel unhappy or stressed.  Problems in your personal or work life can have a big impact on your health.  You can experience feelings of negativity, disappointment, increased sensitivity, loneliness, loss of confidence and mood swings.  You might be indecisive, have problems concentrating or are becoming forgetful.  You may have trouble sleeping.  Or are you suffering physical symptoms for example, aching shoulders, neck and head?

Perhaps you have already taken the first step of seeing your doctor but feel medication or counselling just isn’t enough.  Are you looking for a solution that will allow you time to yourself to relax and unwind in peace and tranquility?

Using Complementary Therapies I can help you in a holistic way, treating the whole of you; your mind, your body and your spirit.

Massage is the basis of many complementary therapies.  The slow, rhythmical movements of massage produce a sedative effect on your sensory nerve endings promoting general relaxation.  You will experience feelings of well-being and contentment.  Mental stress will melt away.  The manipulation of soft tissue will help to alleviate your pain and tension.

I offer a range of Complementary Therapies and I can advise you on the best one to suit your needs.  Before your first treatment, you will have a free consultation ensuring your expectations will be met and allowing me to give you the best possible outcome.  I will offer you after care advise enabling you to find ways to help yourself at home or at work.

Please visit my treatments page or contact me if you would like more information.

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